Expectations of Light was born from my long-standing love of language,  poetry, beauty, and creation. It was born from compassion and deep desire to see and understand ourselves, the world we live in, and the universe of which our world is such a small, insignificant, but all-encompassing piece. Expectations of light. I unapologetically cadged the blog name from Pattiann Rodger’s slim volume of poems, The Expectations of Light, not particularly because her poems, read so many years ago and only recently reread, lovely as so many of them are, speak with any greater vibrancy than the words of so many other poets, but because that phrase, “expectations of light” captures the essence of my engagement with poetry, both as a reader and as a poet myself.

Expectations of light. Every poem I read brings new light to awareness, feeling, and understanding. Each is a small glimpse into the soul of the poet, the spark of another person who reaches out to touch the light of the universe, perhaps with question, doubt, fear, anger, rage, disappointment, hurt, loneliness, and confusion, perhaps with insight, discovery, wonder, awe, mystery, appreciation, joy, and love, perhaps these and much more, and almost certainly many of these and more jumbled and spilled out together.

So it is with my own poetry: engagement with what is, the desire to create from and with it, and so to bring light to my own and others’ feelings and understanding. For me, poetry is expectations of light, even in the dark night of the soul.

James Von Hendy
Ben Lomond, California