It’s the first day of National Poetry Month, 2015, and I’m posting a poem on the YASOPP! Facebook event my friend Rox and I are sponsoring. Call me crazy, but I’m also posting another poem a day on the Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides Poem-a-Day Challenge.

Here’s today’s YASSOP! prompt and poem:

So many things we begin in our lives start with dreams, hopes, and the whisper of a prayer, and since today is the first day of National Poetry Month, today’s prompt is an invitation to write a prayer poem. No matter what your beliefs, you have prayers in you. Offer them up!

Here’s my (James’) prayer poem:

Prayer in a Time of Drought

It’s true we’ve intervened,
and bear the consequence
of pain and hope, the dry
absence of one we love,

but even so. If we
could seed the sky, we did.
If nothing comes of it
beyond the first few drops

of light before she turns
again to darkness, let
that be enough of grace

for her to taste the love
we offer up as parched,
the earth receives the rain.