The Book of Goodbyes: Jillian Weise

This early November I’m currently reading Jillian Weise’s second collection of poems, The Book of Goodbyes. It’s hard to come to a book that was both the 2013 winner of the Isabella Gardner Poetry Award and the 2013 James Laughlin Award, given to celebrate an outstanding second poetry collection, without a sense of letdown, given such high expectations. That said, there’s still much to admire in this slim volume.

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So You Want to Submit Poems to the Small Press, eh?

If I ever needed proof that Coyote has a hand in the order of the universe, it came on the heels of my last post, where I extolled the joys of being in community on the Poetic Asides blog. Almost no sooner had I posted, than one of the regulars on the blog whose poems I had fairly frequently commented on and appreciated, announced that he was no longer going to post with regularity. Why, you ask?

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Out of the Closet and Into Community

Despite having written poetry on and off for a bit over forty years, it’s been a year of poetry firsts for me. It’s the third year I participated in the Writer’s Digest Poem-a-Day challenge in April, National Poetry Month here in the States, but the first year I posted my responses to the daily challenges on the blog. After April, I continued participating on the blog in response to the Wednesday poetry prompts, and now I’m taking part in the November Chapbook Poem-a-Day-Challenge. It’s all a wonderful, and liberating experience.

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Galway Kinnell, a Tribute

Galway Kinnell

February 1, 1927 – October 28, 2014

From flint and plain words,
From the harsh and the ugly,
The sometimes violent,
Yet never with raised voice,
From the simple and mundane,
Frogs in a pond,
The odor of bear in a snowbank,
The muffled come-cry,
And the startling muscle of his progeny,
The world rumbled
In his baritone
And came into light to be seen.